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The experiment with Windows Server 2008 R2 was a bit of a success, surprisingly straight forward with a little help from guides like this. I’ve decided to move from a virtual to a real machine in the hope it will act as a centralised AD, DNS, DHCP, file server (windows shares), web host (ISS), torrent server (utorrent as a service ) and a couple of other bits and bobs.

This will also hopefully take some of the strain from my poor wireless network as one of the file hosts is only available through a very strained wireless link.

I must look into a distributed file system, I wouldn’t want all that empty hard-drive space to goto waste, just perhaps be a little less active.

Flashing wifi t-shirt

Windows Server 2008 R2

This week I have taken it upon myself to learn some server stuffs. I have some basic things I want to get running:

Proper domain
Active Directory
SQL Server 2008

I’ve managed to get a copy of Windows Server 2008 R2 through DreamSpark , as well as the SQL Server so it should be fun.

It’s about giving students Microsoft professional tools at no charge.

Just to make it more fun, a lot of the computer(s) are going to be virtual, just for giggles.

Summer Heat

Well, this marks it. It’s the last week of college till after summer and I’ve pretty much finished all the work for the website building course, though we didn’t do any c# yet which is a bit disappointing.

I’m looking forward to doing some more (real) programming. I’m kind of hoping to do my CCNA with the Open University at some point soon too.

It’s so warm and humid today it was 25°c this morning at 8:30!



Further HTML

We’ve been working more on HTML. This time it is of our own design and concept which is fun technically but I would have liked to do this with PHP and unless I host it myself it wouldn’t work.

I’ve made the site map, finished the design, sorted out the links, just need to add a bit more content and I’ll be finished.

I must remember to include some videos or something. Maybe an email form? Gah that would need PHP again.

Half term

It’s half term, so I’ve taken some time off! I’m going to mooch around the house for a bit then perhaps have a beer in the garden. Technically I was forced to take time off, as I had 6 days left and I can only take 5 into the next holiday year.

I’ve officially finished my Open University module now so I can focus a bit more, though I’ve managed to stay mostly on top of the work I need to do for the NVQ. What isn’t done yet will be done by the time I’m back in college.

Anyway, here’s thinking of you! Cheers
deck chair

<HTML lang=”en-gb”>

This week we were taught some basic HTML, which was nice but I have been playing HTML for nigh on 10 years and it always fascinates me as to why we teach such bad standards to begin with.

Take for example the tag “bgcolor” has been depreciated since 1997, yet it was still covered in in our basics of HTML lesson.

Next week we should be covering slightly more advanced subject matter, hopefully some CSS.

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It seems as though no cover was arranged for our college day on Tuesday this week so we came in for an hour, sat around for a bit, then headed off to do work at home! Excellent opportunity to finish of previous documents. Did make me think of that UPS advert though.

Easter Holidays

Easter Holidays are nearly over. We’ve covered a couple of interesting things in the weeks leading up to Easter

Email netiquette was covered, and the laws surrounding computer misuse, hacking, and Intellectual Property.

All in all it’s been a good holiday – Just gotta put the finishing touches to a couple of documents now!

Media keypain

Today I stumbled upon an interesting problem. How do you change the applications launched by the Media key on multimedia keyboards, without installing drivers.

After much crawling the web I found.

Problem solved thanks to Mark Russinovich and Process Monitor!
Mike Pepe posted on Saturday, June 30, 2007 1:39 PM
Problem solved thanks to Mark Russinovich and Process Monitor!


By default, pressing “Button 16″ on this keyboard launches the default
application associated with .cda files.

Even though winamp and wmp were set to play .cda files, only wmp shows
up in the default programs list in control panel, so it’s settings “stuck”.

I changed the value in that registry entry to .flac, which winamp plays
but wmp does not. Success! the keyboard shortcut now launches winamp.

Armed with this knowledge, I changed that key to .mp3 and changed the association of MP3s to Spotify. Et voiloa, my media key now opens Spotify.

The Weighted Companion Clip Network

This week we have looked into setting up wireless access points using our trusty Weighted Companion Clips, it’s a regular paper clip unwound to press the factory reset button hidden on our wireless access points.

The Weighted Companion Clip

Once we had it set up we went about securing it by disabling the SSID broadcast and applying strong encryption to the connection.